JJ’s Hill County is an amalgamation of Abundant lush greenery area, Natural waterfall, Rock formations and living spaces spread over 700 acres.

The project is free from pollution and it is very good place to witness the sheer beauty of Mother nature cascading marvellously which is located near Loyapally, Sagar Road, Hyderabad.


With JJ’s Hill County you get to experience of Natural  waterfall, Abundant Lush Greenery area, Hilly and Rocky Areas, Trekking, Cycling track and many more.


Nature Waterfall

  • The Project can be said as a popular picnic spot and also it has waterfalls are surrounded by lush green plains.
  • The waterfall is a stunning little hidden wonder of nature, where tourists can visit all over the countries and adjoining areas to witness the sheer beauty of Mother Nature cascading marvelously.
  • The place is delightful to the eye and can make you go spellbound due to its beauty covered by the Greenery trees.
  • The waterfalls is rich in natural beauty and allows you to relax like never before. 
  • It is also a cool place to visit and enjoy Greenery Area, away from crowds at hill stations. Another good reason to visit is that it gives you the chance to enjoy hiking.
  •  At the waterfalls, there are a few open places that are ideal for picnics. Many families from cities can visit on weekends for a picnic. As it is one of the Greenery Area with Nature waterfalls that is a perfect place for family picnic spots.

Lush Greenery Area

  • The lush green hills and valleys, the spectacular variety of Natural Plants all make the place truly a majestic once.
  • It can called as popular ecological hotspot. As it invariably turns lush green and beguiles hoards of nature lovers during the rains.
  • The lush green hillocks make it so breathtakingly beautiful and it is perfect place for trekking and family picnics.

Nature waterfall



Lush Greenery Area

Indoor Games

Hilly and Rocky Area


  • It is ideal for cycling to see the natural sceneries around the hill.
  • The benefits of mountain cycling:- Improves Heart Health, Reduces Stress, Improves cardiovascular fitness, Improves balance and coordination.

Hilly and Rocky Areas

  • As the Project filled with lush green hills and rocky terrain. It is perfect place for camping and trekking. 
  • Trekkers often go to the nearby hills to enjoy its scenic beauty.


  • It is a perfect place for trekking as you can watch and sense the Natural waterfalls, Greenery Lush Areas & Hilly and Rocky Areas.
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