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Vanamaali Farmlands

Vanamaali is a Sanskrit word that refers to someone wearing a garland and there couldn’t be any other definition that describers JJ Infra’s new venture.

How many of us have dreamt of residing amid nature and spending our free time looking at trees and sunsets? We are sure we are not the only ones and everyone has dreamt of having a farmhouse in the middle of nature for our retirement homes and living the rest of our life peacefully. And that is where the idea of Vanamaali came to us of developing farmlands and homes that we could call our home and that too not far away from the hustle-bustle of the safest city in India-Hyderabad, Please tell us a better way to enjoy the best of both worlds, we are waiting.

Want to know more about the 200 Acres of Farmland that Vanamaali has to offer?

How many weekends go by when we wonder of starting to grow our own kitchen garden or have beautiful flowers hanging in our balconies? The most we do is bring fake plants and decorate our homes with them. Why go for fake when you can actually live in the middle of a planted forest. Imagine how much we used relish going to our villages in the summers just to enjoy being in nature? Why wait for summers, when you can do that anytime. Just 1 hour from your own city Hyderabad.

Make Vanamaali your own weekend home or a retirement home when you can spend the most amazing years of your life. Now you must be wondering, what is my return on investment in this? Well, we have that covered for you as well. You can earn a passive income by selling the produce that grows in your farmland including fruits, vegetables, timber etc.

Should I own a Vanamaali managed farmland?

We are sure, this is the question that’s popping in your head and we are here to give you the answer that will not make you think twice before investing in this farmland in Hyderabad.

Nature: This looks like a luxurious word for many around the world, but it shouldn’t be. Nature is the most natural thing in the world and all of us, you, me and everyone must be able to enjoy this beautiful creation of the world every day of our lives, and not to forget to take care of it.

What are we doing to bring nature back?

Mango Plantation

Almost 2000 mango tress of not just one but different varieties like Banginapalli, Nizvid Rasalu and Alphonso will be available for you to cherish soon as most of them have been planted years back.

Timber Plantation

We have not one, not two but three different types of Timber Plantation at Vanamaali Farmlands including Mahogany, Sandalwood and Tissue Culture Teak.

What are we doing to bring nature back?

Yes, a big yes.

You can definitely choose what kind of timber trees you want in your farmland.

The Vanamaali Tree Plantation is divided into 8 phases of which

Phase 1-4

In these phases, each acre will have their own 50 Mango bearing trees and not to forget a choice of 200 timber trees.

Phase 5-8

In these phases, each acre will have 280 Timber trees and 15 fruit-bearing trees which you can choose

What are you waiting for book your land in the phase of your choice now:


We at Vanamaali are hands-on when it comes to taking care of nature, being in nature or appreciating the nature and that is why Vanamaali Farmlands came into existence. We not just want to give you the experience to cherish but also to make aware of how important nature is to everyone in this world.

What else do Vanamaali farmlands have other than nature?

Water Resources available at Vanamaali Farmlands

Electrical resources at Vanamaali Farmlands

Architectural resources at Vanamaali farmlands

Agriculture resources available at Vanamaali Farmlands:


Apart from living in nature and enjoying the smell of success amidst all these timber trees, you can enjoy a hundred other amenities that are available only in Vanamaali


Cycling tracks

Reading pods

Resting decks

Camping spaces

A premature garden


Weekend homes


Advantages of owning a Vanamaali managed Farmland in Hyderabad

Apart from all other amenities and resources we also provide you with expertise and assistance with your day to day activities at this farmland.

Maintenance of your farmlands by Vanamaali would include the following services

We at Vanamaali just don’t believe in the selling of our farmlands to you but also focus on providing with all the services you need to have a healthy and happy living experience at Vanamaali farmlands forever.

We at Vanamaali would be also happy to help you marinating your farmlands by:

How Vanamaali is building communities?

If the extensive amenities and services were not enough for you to invest in Vanamaali’s farmlands, we also have the events and celebration we do to bring like-minded communities together.

From our sustainable and water-free holi celebrations to our organic workshops and of course the seasonal tree plantations there are many such events and celebrations we at Vanamaali organize. Coming together and being a part of such fun events and activities to grow and build together will always be Vanamaali’s core objective.

About Vanamaali built farmhouses

The idea of owning a farmhouse where you can chill with your families and friends is everyone’s dream. And we have taken this huge responsibility of turning your dreams into realities where you can spend your holidays and weekends in this farmhouse surrounded by 200 Acres of Forest.

Our farmhouses are built by getting aware of the traditional Sciences and extracting its essence to implement in our fresh and modern designs. India has contributed a lot in terms of architecture to the world and the houses at Vanamaali definitely stands true to the idea of Vernacular and indigenous architecture.

What Impact do we strive to create with Vanamaali?